The Pit

The Pit Fitness Ranch, offers a new and exciting, unique venue, with a half mile, plowed and groomed, 20 foot wide race track.

Spectators can watch from above on the hills that surround the gravel pit, as the teams use their strategy, attempting to be the first to cross the finish line.

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    25 Miles

    Your team of 4 fat bike riders competes to be the fastest to complete 50 laps around "The Pit"

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    50 Miles

    Your team of 4 fat bike riders competes to be the fastest to complete 100 laps around "The Pit"

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    The Track

    The Track is a half-mile long loop with 5 precarious turns, consisting of 4 right separated by a left. While the track is plowed and groomed, be forewarned of ice patches, soft spots, with a chance of snow, dirt, and grass spray kicked up by fellow racers.

    The course is mainly flat, with some mild climbing and downhill sloping at the middle of the loop. Mind your lean into the corners to avoid getting to loose and wiping out.
    Frosted Fat Tire - The Track

    Exchange Zone

    The exchange zone is the area on the left side of the track preceding turn one.
    Frosted Fat Tire Exchange Zone

    Turn One

    The first turn takes racers 90 degrees right and into the longest stretch of straightaway. A good point to make a break and pickup some speed.
    Forsted Fat Tire Turn One

    Turn Two

    At the far end of the track is the 2nd turn. Racers will want to watch their speed into this turn as your bikes will coming out of the turn heading in the opposite direction.
    Frosted Fat Tire Turn Two

    Turn Three

    The third turn will have racers making a left. The track narrows here, so make sure to get into the best placement leading in.
    Frosted Fat Tire Turn Three

    Turn Four

    Racers will want to keep the speed up on the backstretch heading into the slight incline leading into turn four.
    Frosted Fat Tire Turn Four

    Turn Five

    The 5th and final turn has racers making a right turn into the finish line. Watch out for havoc towards the end of the race.
    Frosted Fat Tire Turn 5
    The Location

    14791 Hoffman Road

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    May your bikes be fat and frosted!