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Rules & Instructions

Register Early!

Online registration closes at 5pm on Thursday, October 17th.

Early Packet Pick Up and onsite registration will be available Saturday, October 19th at "The Pit" Fitness Ranch from 4pm - 6pm and again on race day beginning at 7:00am. Onsite registration (if available) is $280 per team or $70 per rider.

Relay Rules
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Rules & Instructions

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Laps will be counted by the racer riding over the timing pad at the Start/Finish Line. It is very important that anyone not racing stay away from the Start/Finish with any bike that has a number plate on it, as the timing chips would trip the timer and count laps if you are within 50 ft. of the timing pad.

There will be a Track Official near the south end of the Exchange Zone making sure no one enters that area with a bike.
(It is marked; “No Bikes Beyond This Point”)

1. There will be 2 races, the 100 Lap (50 mile), Women’s and Men’s race will run at the same time and will start at 9:00am. Followed by the 50 Lap (25 Mile) Women’s, Men’s and Coed Race starting at approximately 1:00pm.

2. Upon entering the track, your number plate must be placed on the front of your bike, and an official will check your bike to confirm that all tires are 3.7 or larger. If any tires are less than 3.7, they will not be allowed to race. You will be asked “how many bikes will your team be using?” at the time of registration. If you are sharing bikes, then you must leave any extra number plates with the registration officials.

3. There will be a mandatory meeting on the track 10 minutes before each race starts, to answer any questions that you may have. You will be called to the start line for the briefing.

4. Warm–up laps will precede the meeting, and can be used to finalize any team strategies. Once the race starts, only racers from the respective divisions can be on the track.

5. For the 100‐Lap race, the track will open at 8:00am for the 9:00am, and for 50‐Lap race, the track will be open after the first race is complete, and the racers have cleared the track.

6. Each of the 4 teammates will have the same timing chips on their number plates. As any of your bikes cross the timing pad, it will be counted as a complete lap. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT ONLY ONE TEAM MEMBER IS ON THE TRACK AT A TIME.

7. The first team to reach the designated number of laps needed to complete the race will be determined the winners, followed by 2nd and 3rd Place. Once 2nd and 3rd are complete, the rest of the teams will finish the lap they are on and the race will be ruled over.

8. There will be one Exchange Zone on the track, this is where racers will make exchanges by slapping hands, or changing bikes, in the designated area in front of the warming huts. Racers must make exchanges within the area that is marked by the Exchange Zone Banners, they are named Steensma Lawn and Power, and NEO Manufacturing. There will also be safety cones on the track to designate the area, to merge out of/and back into traffic. You need to yield to racers that are on the track as youmake exchanges. If you are going to make an exchange, you must move to the left side of the track before entering the Exchange Zone. If you are racing past the Exchange Zone and not making an exchange, please stay to the right side of the track. Communicate while racing, as to your position on the track. (“On your right” “On your left” “Inside” “Outside” “Passing” etc... Slower racers need to yield to the faster racers by staying to the right.

9. In the case of the race being stopped due to an accident, or injury, (RED FLAG) hold your current position, which will be watched and assisted by a Track Officials. You cannot improve your position during such an event. When the race resumes, you will be in the same position as you were prior to the interruption. If you have been lapped, you will still stay in that same position. Wait for officials to start race again. If a racer needs to take over for a teammate, they must wait for an official to signal them to be replaced.

10. During a Caution Flag (YELLOW FLAG), you must slow down, but continue to move and hold your same position on the track. (Racers will move up to the bike in front of them, but not pass them.) Wait for officials to start race again. Laps will count under Caution.

11. If you have a mechanical failure, you must proceed to the Exchange Zone, (ON THE TRACK) in the same direction of the race (riding your bike or walking/running your bike), and cross the lap/timing pad, and make an exchange in the Exchange Zone.

12. Intentional Bumping or Pushing, or Kicking will not be tolerated, and could lead to a disqualification. (BLACK FLAG). In this event, that racer must resign from the race, by riding to the Exchange Zone, on the track in the direction of the race, and crossing the lap/timing pad, and make your final exchange with a teammate.

13. There IS NOT a minimum number of laps that a racer must ride. If you are on the team, we assume that you are there to contribute.

14. At the halfway point of each race, there will be a crossing of the GREEN FLAG and WHITE FLAG indicating the race is halfway over.

15. When there is one lap to go, the Track Official will waive the (WHITE FLAG) indicating that there is one more lap to go for the leader of the race.

16. When the Lead Racer crosses the Finish Line, they will proceed to the Exchange Zone and join their teammates for the final Victory Lap.

17. Approximately 15 minutes after the race, we will award the Champions, and Award 2nd and 3rd place winners with trophies. The awards will be held inside the Gym at The Pit.

18. All racers will be issued a wrist band indicating that you are a racer, that band entitles you to food and beverage throughout the day. Each entry comes with 2 Beer Tickets that may be redeemed during the day, if you are 21 years of age.

Timing & Results

Brian McDaniel, the timing official for Mac’s Sports Timing is the voice on the track. He will be keeping the racers updated on leaders, and laps throughout each race.

Timing and results will be provided by Macs Sport Timing. Chrono Track Systems will be used, featuring the disposable B-tag that remains attached to the race number.

The Top 3 in each category of the 25 Mile and 50 Mile categories will be determined by Gun Start (who crosses the finish line first). All other results will be determined by chip time.

Results will be posted continuously during the race for review, with results posted here after the completion of the event.

Adverse Weather Policy

Heart Smart Events, LLC reserves the right to delay or cancel the start of Frosted Fat Tire in the event of inclement weather and/or unsafe road conditions. The definition of inclement weather and unsafe road conditions belongs solely to the discretion of the Heart Smart Events, LLC, Race Directors. (Sorry no refunds)

Awards & Prizes

Following the races we will crown the champions at the post race celebration. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners will be receiving prizes.

Frosted Fat Tire Awards


Bring the entire family! Spectator’s welcome. The race headquarters will remain open during the race. Outside there will be warming fires and hills for great views of the track.

Spectator GuidelinesUpdated for 2024
Frosted Fat Tire Spectator Area


Refreshments are available for riders (show your bracelet) in the Registration Building. Spectators may also enjoy refreshments for a minimal donation. The Frosted Fat Tire menu includes: Ron’s Beans Coffee, Water, Soup/Chili, Melting Mom Homemade Frosted Fat Tire Sugar Cookies, BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches.


Merchandise is also for sale in the Registration Building. Check out the Frosted Fat Tire Mugs, Frosted Fat Tire Beanies, Frosted Fat Tire T’s and Hoodies, Neck Buffs, Melting Mann Socks, Melting Mann Growlers, Melting Mann Stainless Steel Thermal Cups, MM/FFT Pint Glasses and Melting Mann Mugs.
Rob Meendering Photography


Rob Meendering Photography will be taking pictures at the event and will post a link on his site for riders to purchase photos after the race at