24 Miles

Put your Mind over MANN and just do it! This 24 Mile race includes of the challenges of Mann Road for the first-time racers or those that have trained and are ready to bike it, NOT hike it.


35 Miles

MANN Up to experience even more of the most challenging gravel roads of southwest Michigan. This 35 Mile roller coaster course turns riders into racers. MANN Up and earn your race story!

Our 35 Mile race qualifies in the short race series of MGRS.


60 Miles

Are you a MANNiac? If so, we’re offering you 60 Miles to prove it! Drawing some of the Midwest’s most competitive racers you’ll fight for your spot on the prestigious Melting Mann podium and the CASH that comes with it.

Our 60 Mile race qualifies in the long race series of MGRS.


We've made past event photos available here for your browsing pleasure. Galleries are listed by photographer and year.

Rob Meendering Photography

2024 Photos
2023 Photos
2022 Photos

Kristopher Ouvry Photography

2021 Photos


Check speeds and times from past events. We will keep an archive of past race results here.


Mann Road

From the top of Swiss Valley to the jack-knife turn at Rumsey Road - prepare yourself for the challenge this seasonal road has to offer.

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