Mann Road

Mann Road is only fully open from March thru November to vehicular traffic, but open year-round for brave cyclists. The Cass County Road Commission closes access between Patterson Hill Road and M-40 each winter, making those sections seasonal. The Melting Mann Dirt Road Bike Challenge celebrates the seasonal opening of the road each year.

24 Miles

Put your Mind over MANN and just do it!

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35 Miles

MANN Up to experience the most challenging gravel.

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60 Miles

Are you a MANNiac? We sure hope so!

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Course Highlights

Course Highlight

Mann Road East

The start of the race will descend on pavement, crossing Patterson Hill Rd. where you will be greeted by the loose sand, before the initial climb. It will be followed by a roller coaster of descents and climbs, crossing M-40 until reaching Sodaman Rd. HOLD ON! It will be congested and fast the first 3 miles.

Mann Road East - DirtStrava Segment
Melting Mann Gravel Race - Mann Road East

Course Highlight

Mount Misery

Don't waste all your legs on Mann Road East. Mt. Misery is located on the second leg of Mann, where you will climb close to a mile on the ever-increasing grade with little relief. It is one of Southwest Michigan's highest natural points.

Melting Mann Gravel Race - Mount Misery

Course Highlight

Bald Hill

Now that your legs are warmed up, Bald Hill challenges you once again.  After a sharp left turn, and cresting the peak of the climb, racers might exceed 30 mph, as they descend the steep, rolling downhill, beware of the 90 degree turn near the bottom of this descent.

Melting Mann Gravel Race - Bal Hill

The Rock

There is a natural anomaly called The Rock (owned by the State of Michigan) just north of the jog on Bald Hill Road. It is quite possibly the true year-round home of the Melting Mann Yeti. The Rock is known to many, but only accessed through privately owned property.

Bald Hill EarthCacheGeocaching Profile
Melting Mann Gravel Race - The Rock

Kirk Lake Lungbuster

Just as you think the route is calming down, you take a turn onto Kirk Lake Road. It starts with a slight downhill to pick up the speed and boost your confidence... until you start the climb. Experienced racers know that last one is a doozy.

Kirk Lake Rd LungbusterStrava Segment
Melting Mann Gravel Race - Kirk Lake Lungbuster

Course Highlight

Dr. Nnam

Starting in 2023, racers now make their way back to Swiss Valley by riding Mann Road in reverse, conveniently named "Dr. Nnam". All of those fun downhills are now grueling uphill climbs, making for a breaking point for exhausted riders. As you progress higher and higher in elevation, keep an eye out for the Yeti.

Dr. NnamStrava Segment
Melting Mann Gravel Race - Dr. Namm

Course Highlight

Swiss Valley Climb

There is only one way back to Swiss Valley to finish your race, and it is all uphill. There are no ways around it. Keep a little bit in the tank for the final climb and taste the sweet sweet victory of your accomplishment at the top.

Swiss Valley ClimbStrava Segment
Melting Mann Gravel Race - Swiss Valley Climb