60 Miles

60 Miles


The course is an open road race course with vehicle traffic. You must follow the Michigan Vehicle Code and wear a ANSI/Snell approved bicycle helmet. RIDE SAFE and have tons of fun!

75% Gravel

3,500+ Feet Ascent
No E-Bikes

No Aero Bars

Melting Mann 60 Mile Route


As the 60 Mile Race is our longest event, the starting time is an hour earlier than lesser distances.

IMPORTANT - You must start in your assigned wave, which will be indicated on the back of your number plate. If you start in the incorrect wave, you will be subject to disqualification.

Waves Starting @

9:00 AM


Open Class


Each Division in 60 Mile Race will receive medals through 3rd place. The cash pay out structure for each gender is based on a minimum participation level of 65 racers*. 1st Place $500 / 2nd Place $400 / 3rd Place $300 / 4th Place $200 / 5th Place $100.
Michigan Gravel Race Series

Michigan Gravel Race Series

Long Course

The 60 Mile race event is included in the Michigan Gravel Race Series long course competition.


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Mann Road

From the top of Swiss Valley to the jack-knife turn at Rumsey Road - prepare yourself for the challenge this seasonal road has to offer.

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